Who are We?



I AM = The roles that we play in life. I am is a future representation of yourself. It's who you are and what you see yourself as...

  • Mother                      

  • Father

  • Son

  • Teacher

  • Doctor

  • Daughter

  • Nurse

  • Brother

  • Sister

  • Scientist

A STORY = In this six-word motto. A story is in the middle. This is because it's your centerpiece and it is how people can relate to you or get to know you. There are people waiting on your story to be liberated and to know that they also can do it!

OF LOVE = We as a company want to ignite love in all we do and ignite love in others. This is an action statement and doesn't mean anything without action.


*Our Leadership*

Willie Tubbs is a Transformational Speaker, Author, Life Coach, Book Writing Coach, Kingdompreneur, and the Founder and CEO for KBM Ministry.. His vision is to transform followers into leaders and leaders into AGENTS OF CHANGE. His mission is to teach 1,000,000 believers the R.E.S.E.T. (Remember Every Situation Empowers Transformation) Philosophy and to help them become authors by harnessing a powerful gift (Your Story) that God has given them to change their world. As a result, they will learn how to rescue themselves, lead their children into their greatness, and pursue a calling that enables them to live with purpose and passion.


NurJehan A. Al-Haqq is the Chief Administrative Officer for the KBM Ministry. She has been doing administrative and secretarial work for at least 20+ years. Her role as the (CAO) is to assist the CEO (Minister Willie Tubbs) with admin work by keeping up with the company's database for the members.  Making sure everything is on point with the websites (like correct grammar, spelling and photos etc.), keeping up with meeting times on the calendar and company text messaging system. Also updates for any changes that need to be addressed to keep all the members up to date.  Outside of her role as the (CAO) she is an Inspirational speaker, Domestic Violence Advocate & Survivor. She is also an Author and model. She holds several positions as a Kingdompreneur in her other business endeavors.



Melvin Jackson (Chief Marketing Officer) currently working on marketing strategies to help people become newfound authors. His number one goal is to help 10,000 authors become published authors by 2024. Melvin Jackson is looking to bring a new way of looking at Ministry. Helping Kingdom minded people to pick up their spiritual roles along side their earthly ones. "I Am a Story of Love" was born from this ideology. "I Am", being the most powerful statement places people in these roles. While serving in the military he built up high regarded leadership skills and mentored many people. 



Cynthia Mckelvy is the Chief Advisory Officer with KBM Ministry. She has extensive experience as a marketing consultant providing coaching, tools, traffic and training to entrepreneurs. Her goal as a Kingdom-preneur is to help business owners start, promote and Stay In Biz. She is an author, speaker, coach with a heart for ministry and entrepreneurship. Her testimonies of God’s forgiveness, healing, and restoration provide first hand insight to help others live their max life now! Cynthia’s rye wit, sense of humor and her ability to share her authentic truth unapologetically makes her an asset though she is in her mid to late seventies at this writing.



Dr. Hunter is the founder of the Eagles Wing Association or EWA, an organization dedicated to enhanced Christian Networking. Dr. Hunter also founded the African & African American Network.  AfAfNetwork is a non-profit  presenting African and African American history and culture with Kingdom Biblical Perspective.

Music Ministry - An active evangelist with programs for many settings including the streets and schools as well as churches Dr. Hunter has been a musician, worship leader / songwriter throughout decades of Christian service. 

Education - A software architect / IT consultant with his B.S. degree in Computer Science.  He holds minors and certifications in the fields of Business, Mathematics, Physics, Music as well as a Doctorate in Theology. 

TekPreacher - As an Entrepreneur Morris is a business founder and owner with his own Technology Consulting company and Media/Technology Studio